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Alliance Francaise de Trivandrum and La Gallery360 Art Gallery presents LIFE LINES– A Series of Sketch-Scapes By AR Jayakrishnan 7 – 15 July @ Art Gallery, Alliance Française de Trivandrum LIFE LINES, presents line drawings of iconic buildings and manmade features that he sketched while travelling around the World with fellow artist and architects belonging to a Gobal community of ... Read More »

Fête de la Musique 2017

Fête de la Musique, also known as World Music Day, will be celebrated at Vyloppilly Samskrithi Bhavan, Trivandrum on June 24 . Fête de la Musiquecelebrates music which is a unifying force, a thread which connects all irrespective of any difference in race, color, accent or creed and brings together world to a musical platform. Its prime objective is to promote music ... Read More »


Elements Exhibition by Deepa Ram, Ashok Kumar Gopalan, B Balagopalan and Sadanandan EC 23- 30 June, 2017 @ Art Gallery, Alliance Française de Trivandrum. The exhibition will be inaugurated on 23 June , 5.30pm by Sajitha R Shanker which will be followed by mohana veena perfomance by Poly Varghese. Elements take you to a jolly ride through a wonderland of forms and colors ... Read More »

Cinéclub: Pierrot le Fou

Pierrot le Fou /Pierrot the madman 17 June, 5.30pm @ Alliance Française de Trivandrum. This  Cinéclub continues the dedication to the French New Wave movement with a Godard film.  Pierrot le Fou/ Pierrot the madman/ Jean-Luc Godard/ 1965/ 110mins Pierrot escapes his boring society and travels from Paris to the Mediterranean Sea with Marianne, a girl chased by hit-men from ... Read More »

Pilgrim to the ocean

Travel diary presentation Pilgrim to the ocean by Elodie Tabur on 10 June, 6.00pm @  Alliance Française de Trivandrum Elodie Tabur, is a French traveller,  who walked on the Saint James Way from Le Puy en Velay to Finisterra in 2015.  On this pilgrimage of 1600km she experimented the concept of drawing in travel.  Last December, she published the travel diary ... Read More »

Jour de fête/The Big Day

Cinéclub Jour de fête/The Big Day 29 April, 5.30pm @Alliance Française de Trivandrum This  Cinéclub is a dedication to the French New Wave movement of which Jacques Tati was one of the most celebrated. Jour de Fête is his directorial debut.  Jour de fête/The Big Day/Jacques Tati/ 1949/ 86 mins Jour de Fête tells the story of an inept and easily distracted French ... Read More »

Book Release: Scripted in the Streams

Scripted in the Streams Poetry book by Rati Saxena- Translated by Seth Michelson on 15 April, 6.00pm @ Alliance Française de Trivandrum. Rati Saxena: writer/ poet, running an international poetry festival called Kritya, 2005 onwards, Rati have translated almost 15 books from Malayalam to Hindi, which includes works of writers like Balamoniyamma and Ayyappa Paniker.Her books have been translated  to international ... Read More »

Langa music and Kalbelia dance from Rajasthan

Langa music and Kalbelia dance from Rajasthan on 29 March, 6.30pm @ Bharat Bhavan. Accompanied by  Kalbelia dance , Langa music Thar desert is here to awe and enthrall. The Langa musicians and poets of the desert have the majesty of their environment as the very meaning of the word Rajasthan in Sanskrit suggests “the land of princes”. Langa music ... Read More »

DOSTOIEVSKI’s Le rève d’un Homme Ridicule

DOSTOIEVSKI’s Le rève d’un Homme Ridicule / The dream of a ridiculous man Adaptation & interpretation : Jean- Paul Sermadiras on 20 March, 2.30pm @ Mar Ivanios College. The Dream of a Ridiculous Man, subtitled “Fantastic Story” is a short story by Fyodor Dostoyevsky published in 1877. It is based on the Journal d’un écrivain, a work that combines the ... Read More »

Engraving Exhibition

Engraving Exhibition: Works by Vincent Gagliardi 3- 11 March @ Art Gallery, Alliance Française de Trivandrum The exhibition will be inaugurated on 3 March , 5.30pm. Vincent Gagliardi is a French mixed media artist who first discovered the traditional hand engraving technique during his studies at the School of Fine Arts in Metz and never let it go. Over the years, Gagliardi ... Read More »