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Date(s) - 25/02/2017
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Chavara cultural centre


A visual show by Strings Theatre Company
25 February, 6.30pm @ Chavara cultural centre

“The Strings Theatre Company is gathering artists coming from different artistic fields : theatre, danse. circus and music. With as a general aim to erase borders and hierarchy they create collectively performances mixing the scenic arts and interrogating the relations between audience and performers, for example through the creation of site-specifics shows.

At the occasion of the ITFOK 2017, the company adapted it’s first site-specific show, STRINGS, with three local artists, having also very different backgrounds and practices. It will be the occasion to share their creation methods, but also to integrate new elements to the show, brought by the participants themselves : local musical instruments, different kind of physicality or movement practices, etc.

STRINGS is a visual theatre performance built with tools coming from dance and music improvisation and physical theatre. The show interogates the nature of ou social relationships : How to create a link? And once that it is created, how do we pull the strings of or manipulate the Other? What does having a connection with someone actually mean? Where is the border between inter-influence and manipulation? What power can have a group on an individual person behaviour?

With some movements, music and strings, the performers create visual, metaphorical and physical relationships between them and the public, proposing them to travel for a while into different worlds of communications. ”

Entry is free.