What is TCF TP?

The Test de Connaissance du Français – Tout Public (TCF-TP) is an exam that assesses the French language abilities of a non-native speaker. The TCF is used for French language immigration and citizenship requirements and for employment purposes.

Level of Proficiency

The TCF levels relate to those of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL). These levels range from A1 to C2, in increasing order of difficulty (and consequently, of the proficiency of a student at a given level).


This exam is important when applying for visas to or citizenships in Francophone nations. A person seeking employment or an opportunity for higher education in such countries will also find a TCF certification extremely useful, if not indispensable. The latter case applies to a prospective student. The TCF is required by postsecondary educational institutes for students wishing to apply for the final year in undergraduate or post-graduate programmes.

Exam details and fees

The exam has three compulsory and two optional sections. The compulsory parts are Listening Comprehension, Command of Language Structures and Reading Comprehension, while the optional sections are Oral Expression and Written Expression.

Sections Contents Structure Fees
Compulsory Listening Comprehension 25 min – 29 questions Rs. 21, 240/- (incl. GST)
Command of Language Structures 15 min – 18 items
Reading comprehension 45 min – 29 questions
Optional Oral expression 12 min – 3 topics  
Optional Written expression 60 min – 3 topics  



An official certificate detailing the results will be delivered to the candidate 4 to 8 weeks after the test. The results are valid for two years.

How to Apply?

Step 1: Download Form Click Here

Step 2: Fill this Google Form (Should scan and upload the form, payment receipt and ID Card)

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