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Youth corner

There is a wonderful reason to love our library this New Year!

Solely handcrafted for the young generation, explore our diverse collection.
Come join us!

Learn with us

Learn and experience French culture with us, flip through our large collection of
– Books ranging from elementary to advanced level
– Illustrated knowledge albums
– Educational comics

Interactive learning methodologies: apart from paperbacks we also have a collection of
– DVDs with rich stories
– Documentaries
– Educational games
– Tablets with preloaded interactive learning materials

Take a break

All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy!

Leave textbooks for a change,
– Check out the latest comics,
– Watch movies,
– Play board games with friends or make new friends
– Enjoy wide array of preinstalled games on our tablets

Live media

DVDs aren’t just for rentals, feel free to play them in our library, we are equipped with 45 Inch
LCD TV with wireless headset!

Learn, play and explore French with us!