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Alliance française de Trivandrum (AFT) is an Indo-French cultural centre which specializes in French language teaching, organizing and curating cultural events.

The Alliance Française was founded in 1883 in Paris. Its mission is to promote the use and appreciation of the French Language and Culture throughout the world through French Language classes and cultural programs. It is today an established world renowned network made up of 1071 centres in 137 countries, with more than 400.000 students per year, all of which make the Alliance Française the largest French language teaching and cultural network in the world.

The Alliance Française de Trivandrum is one of the 16 Alliances spread over 15 states in India. Since its creation in 1980 in Trivandrum and the opening of a branch in Kochi in 1998 the Alliance Française de Trivandrum has developed an expertise and excellence in teaching French as a Foreign Language and created many cultural partnerships in the community. The Alliance Française de Trivandrum has now more than 800 students in its classes a year. It also offers off-site classes in several schools, colleges and companies (business / tourism field) in Trivandrum and in Kochi.

The Alliance Française de Trivandrum is a non-profit association which ensures the self-financing of its operations. It is supported partially by the French Government. Our students and members have access to various services and resources through our centre. The library offers a wide range of books, magazines, DVDs and CDs of French music and films. The Alliance Française de Trivandrum organizes more than 50 cultural and social events a year, including concerts, exhibitions, film screenings and lectures in collaboration with Indian, French and European cultural institutions and partners. Participation of local artists is encouraged by regular exhibitions in the gallery of the Alliance.

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