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This schedule represents the new harmonized curriculum offered by the Indian network of Alliance Française Centres in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


LevelContentHours FeesFees with 5% discount (For former students)
A1 OnlineBasic survival course without prior knowledge of French (Online course)120 hrsRs 13199Rs 12599
A1Basic survival course without prior knowledge of French120 hrsRs 13199Rs 12599
A2Use of language in day to day situations140 hrs Rs 15123Rs 14427
B1Threshold level150 hrsRs 16851Rs 16099
B2Way stage level200 hrs Rs 19075Rs 18227
A1 TeensRs 11750Rs 11252
A2 TeensRs 12727Rs 12180
B1 TeensRs 13829Rs 13228
Children’s Course Level I&II60 hrsRs 10963Rs 10505

*The fee is inclusive of the price of course material

+ GST + library membership

C1&C2 available on a private tuition basis
Private Tuition available for all levels and ages: Rs 616/hour (inclusive of GST)

Different rhythms available:
Crash course: covers 1 level in 5 weeks
Regular course: covers 1 level 2 months, 4 months or more