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Date(s) - 06/08/2021
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm



Inter-AF Challenge / Local Selections in Trivandrum

The Inter-AF Challenge is a quiz about French culture. It is a fun competition in French between several Alliances Françaises which offer their learners the opportunity to meet virtually and challenge each other around questions related to French culture (geography, art, music, cinema, etc.) .

The competition is free and open to all learners from participating AFs from 16 years old and at level B1.

The competition takes place in 3 stages:

• Local: each participating AF selects internally, through a first quiz (20 questions), its two best learners (Date of local selection: 06/08 / 2021).
• National: the two winners of each AF meet during the national final (quiz of 25 questions). (Date of the national final: 01/10/2021)
• International: the two winners from each country finally compete in the framework of the international grand finale (30 questions). (Date of the international final: 27/11/2021)

This registration form allows you to register now for the local selections of AF Trivandrum which will take place online on 06/08/2021, on Zoom and Kahoot! (free registration).

The first prize in the international competition is a 15-day language stay at AF Rouen, transport and half-board accommodation included, for the three best scores.


-You are aged 16+
-You are currently enrolled in AT LEAST a B1 Level class in Alliance Française deTrivandrum
-You have access to a stable internet connection
-You have access to two devices – a SMARTPHONE and a COMPUTER – so that you can access the questions on ZOOM from your COMPUTER and answer the questions on KAHOOT from your SMARTPHONE.


Rules & Regulations


  1. The platform for the quiz is Kahoot. You can access the quiz from and enter the game code once the quiz master generates it.
  2. The quiz itself will be conducted on Zoom.  It is mandatory to use 2 devices (Zoom on computer and Kahoot on mobile).
  3. The quiz will be in French.
  4. Please use the name given during registration as your Zoom username and Kahoot nickname. Only those will be admitted.
  5. The entry to the Zoom meeting will be allowed from 7pm to 7.10pm only. There is no scope for a delayed entry.
  6. The quiz only allows for 20 seconds for each question. There is no option to return to a question once the 20 seconds expire so try to answer the question even if you are not sure of the answer. There is no negative marking.
  7. All participants are expected to keep their cameras turned ON throughout the duration of the quiz. Failing to do so will lead to immediate disqualification. Kindly ensure that your face is clearly visible and that you are seated in a quiet corner.
  8. We apologise, in advance, to whoever gets disqualified on account of a technical error.  No requests, genuine or otherwise, can and will be accommodated given the nature of the quiz. 
  9. Please make sure that your Internet connection is stable. A candidate who exits the meeting for any reason in between will not be allowed to re-enter
  10. Please note that the quiz is not just a test of your knowledge but also speed. Trying to google the answers on the side will only make you lose points. 
  11. In order to adhere to the time limit, please avoid exchanges with the quizmaster and meeting participants. 
  12. Do not have light sources shining on your screen during the quiz. It is advised that you face the light source.
  13. To maintain the decorum, please dress appropriately and do not use foul/offensive language. Please do not display offensive posters or writings in the background. You are expected to address everyone with respect during the session.
  14. The session will be recorded and screenshots taken during the quiz which may be used on our social media handles. By participating in the quiz, you agree to your picture being displayed on our social media handles.
  15. Top 3 winners will be declared at the end of the quiz and will receive a shoutout on our social media handles. Please avoid sharing anything on social media during the quiz.
  16. The winners are expected to send their images and social media handles (Facebook and Instagram) for display and tagging on social media immediately after the quiz  Send a clear, solo image to [email protected] .
  17. All instagram/facebook stories about this event (published after our post) that you will share tagging us will be reshared on our handles with exception of anything that violates our social media guidelines.
  18. The decision of the Alliance Française of Trivandrum with regard to the winners will be final and binding and is not up for discussion or changes. 


Registration form:

[email protected]