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Invisible Cities

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Date(s) - 14/03/2020 - 11/04/2020
10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Pepper House


Alliance Française de Trivandrum

In partnership with Ambassade de France en Inde and Institut Français India


In association with Kochi Biennale Foundation


Invisible Cities

By Pierre-Jean Giloux

Inauguration and public presentation on 14th March 2020, 4:30 pm

On view till April 11th 2020

@Pepper House

Fort Kochi

Alliance Française de Trivandrum in partnership with the Embassy of France in India and the Institut Français India presents, ‘Invisible Cities’ a Video Exhibition by Le Pierre-Jean Giloux.

Biomimetics is a research project which proposes to confront urban situations with landscape projects through digital techniques: video, photographs, 3D images and sound compositions.

It is a continuous process of questioning the urban spaces that we build and in which we live.

This multimedia project will be designed on an evolving base combining the real with the virtual; what we call “augmented reality”.

Two proposals will be developed, both having a common denominator: plant growth and its correlations with the urban area/life.

In the first proposal, the aim is to visualize the impact of plant growth on the construction of a virtual city and witness the gradual appearance of a biomorphic urban structure.

The second, on the contrary, reveals the disappearance of a real city – Stefano Boeri’s “Forest City” – where we witness nature’s influence as it   takes back its rights.

Ultimately, Biomimetics will take the form of an immersive multi-screen video installation, in which we will follow the opposite developments of the two cities, governed by the same laws.

The technology of “augmented reality” makes it possible to overlay a digitally enhanced image on to  a preexisting reality. The goal of the project will be, on one hand, to develop a virtual system of urban organization like the Adachi garden of Shimane in Japan, and on the other hand, to draw inspiration from this ecosystem to conceive an architectural project and create a microcosm .

Reversing the usual process, starting from topography and plants to design a biomorphic urban form, is placing the living being   at the center of the project.

The second proposition places the “Forest City” of Luizhou in China, of Stefano Boeri, as the subject of fiction. This self-sufficient forest city, sustaining on renewable energies, is an experimental city, a kind of ecological utopia.

My fiction depicts the material dissolution of this city which will become a kind of mirage. This part questions what we call “green architecture”.

I consider this work as a real dialogue between what we commonly oppose:

The nature-culture duo and the entanglement between plants and digital technology.

These two contradictory propositions will be deliberately projected in one and the same space, in order to visualize their interference and their divergent mutations.

For more information, please contact: [email protected]

Ph: 0471 2320666 / 4063936

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